Contributor, Commenter, Consumer, Confused or Comatose - Who are you?

With the advent of social media, WhatsApp has become inseparable part of everyday life. In its virtual ecosystem we all are members of various groups, seldom realising that we play different personalities in this conglomeration. It cannot be denied that conduct in a group also provides a faint glimpse of individual’s real life temperament. Keeping the professional and family groups out of ambit, let’s have a look at the five broad categories in which one can be classified.


People under this category keeps the group vibrant and interesting. Without them, the group will die a slow death. Peculiar identification traits are - reckless forwarding of posts with little or no participation in discussions and conversations. In real life such people are happy go lucky types without any serious inhibitions. Their omnipresence makes them ‘Good Followers’!


These are prime movers of any group. They are regular with their diligently selected posts and can express views on anything under the Sun. Peculiar identification traits are - eagerness to indulge into worthwhile conversations and initiate discussion on variety of topics. In real life they are well balanced with intellectual bent of mind. Their thinking ability makes them ‘Good Leaders’!


This is parasite category who absorbs everything coming its way. Their primary aim is to extract maximum while maintaining low profile. Peculiar identification traits are - prompt reading of other’s messages, own post once in a while and occasional comments to mark their presence. In real life these individuals are successful but unreliable. Their shrewdness makes them ‘Bad Leaders’!


They have entered and lost their way. These are people who joined on trial basis and developed half-hearted liking for the group. Peculiar identification traits are -own time scanning of group activities and policy to never go beyond ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Anniversary’, ‘Thank you’ type messages. In real life they are poor decision makers. Their unending expectation for a nudge makes them ‘Misplaced Egoists’!


We can call them irrelevant dead wood. These people have been part of the group since time immemorial but have kept lying like a pristine rock. Peculiar identification traits are - no one knows when they last posted and hardly anyone is bothered about their existence. In real life they exhibit low confidence and weak character. Their inertia makes them ‘Worst Opportunists’!

With this background, it’s time to analyse participants of your friends WhatsApp group! Also think honestly- which category you yourself belong to?