NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-11

31 October 1984

Satwant Singh pulled the trigger of his carbine at 1 Safdarjung Road, New Delhi. With that loud bang, fate of thousands of lives got sealed. Somewhere nearby in the same city, a 6 year old child was playing nonchalantly - oblivious to the unfolding events, repercussions of which he won’t be able to forget for rest of his life.

Ensuing bloodbath on streets of National Capital failed to soothe the tempers and dubious perception about Sikhs. So much so that our school magazine ‘Jindalarchika’ in its 1985 edition published controversial articles- something unimaginable in…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-10

Part-III (Downfall)

in continuation from Chapter-8 & 9

Beyond Reach

Within a short span, I had created 2 antagonists in my class of about 40. Counting in their extended friend circle, by end of XIth half of the class strength looked down on me. In order to avoid those 4 eyes, I started spending more and more time in playground and one such escape trip inadvertently led to my 3rd escapade.

It must have been a sweltering afternoon of 1994 when I reached sports room after a rigorous basketball session. I remember soothing breeze of ceiling fan…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-9

Part-II (Nervous Overture)

in continuation from Chapter-8

With initial setback still fresh, I ascended to XI-A. Newly minted class had many first timers, besides retaining few old ones - with me and Autumn Girl coming in latter category. While she remained on first row benches, I with sullen face relegated myself to last row, maintaining as bigger distance as I could. Among new entrants was ‘Saade Aath’ from erstwhile X-B and a tomboyish, hazel eyed Sikh girl from erstwhile X-C. During inaugural days of re-raised class everyone remained aloof, encompassed in their own pre-defined ecosystems. Eventually the…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-8

Part-I (Genesis)

The world is full of love stories. This is a similar 30 year old story of a simple boy who dreamt big; albeit in his case destiny had different plans. At the risk of getting judged, in 3 part series I attempt to describe everything, just as it happened.


As far as I could remember, I always had two sides to my personality. One fun-loving, nonchalant and happy-go-lucky type and the other entirely at contrast- thinker, serious and constantly striving type. It was like encasing two distinct souls in one body. With onset of puberty…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-7

Assorted collection of little incidents.

Shit Happens

Delhi of 1980’s was beautiful. Wide roads, tall trees and without any pollution. On our 6 km route to school there were no traffic signals on the entire stretch. A grey colored ‘Neelkamal’ bus used to come for picking two of us from our bus stop at Natraj Cinema (now Fun Cinema, Moti Nagar). Besides me, Deepak Sahani was the other one who boarded from there. He was also in Nursery class but different section. My father and his mother used to see us off. In later years, ‘Neelkamal’ was…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-6

Once upon a time in a well known school of Delhi, there was a privileged girl and then there was an ordinary boy. Their clash produced unprecedented sparks.

(From left to right) Sitting- Sh PC Sharma(1st), Mrs S Bhatnagar(2nd), Sh SC Verma(3rd); Standing- Second Row: Anjali Sharma(2nd); Top row: Samir Srivastava(6th)

The Principal’s Daughter

It is not an easy life when your father is ‘Father of whole school’. No matter how exciting it may sound, it’s tough to deal with piercing eyes and getting judged on daily basis. Anjali Sharma was one such girl. She was the daughter of our long term Principal Shri Prem Chand Sharma. There were many word of mouth stories about her which could never got…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-5

A tribute.

Dr Pushp Lamba

As soon as he opened his lunchbox aromatic whiff of the delicacy prepared by his mother filled the air. In front laid two pranthas and delicious paneer ki sabzi - the perfect mix of spices, cottage cheese and tomatoes. The tempting dish was exclusively shared by two of us and later became synonym to my then benchmate - Pushp Lamba. We not only sat on the same desk and shared food but had lots of gupp-shupp in 6th class. I was a meticulous student but he was brilliant. All my books and copies were kept…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-4

Poster of a morning show film

No one passes out from school without getting primary sex education. And by that I do not mean those sham Biology classes where even teachers zip through the controversial topic in hushed voices. The real teachers are your closest friends. During latter half of schooling, each one of us came across this unexplored territory either accidentally or deliberately. Some were reluctant learners while others were active enthusiasts - ever ready to venture into forbidden land. Mine was a case of chance enlightenment by whispers.

In class VIIth Puneet, Myself and Rajesh were close friends. Puneet was good…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-3

Among my prized collection is a cream colored 30 year old lunchbox. I refuse to throw it away and justify its presence to my family by putting some sundry items in it. Little do they know that it means a lot more than just a storage container.

Lunchbox from school days

Class was VII-A. My working parents didn’t had enough time in the morning to prepare me a lavish lunch for school. So almost everyday I used to carry bread sandwiches with occasional change of spread. In our infamous coterie there was one prominent member - Neeraj Yadav. He belonged to…

NCJPS Diaries, Chapter-2

At our times there were two types of students - those who got beaten up by teachers and then there were girls.

Sitting (from right to left) — JK Sharma Sir (1st), SC Verma Sir (3rd), AC Singhal Sir (6th)

During 80’s various forms of exemplary punishments were in vogue - stand up, hands up, stand on desk, face the wall, stand outside the class and ‘murga’. If nothing of above worked, physical thrashing was resorted to. It also had different levels - slaps, ear pulling, hair pulling, flogging or an ingenious combination of them. Though ‘slaps’ had desired effect on recipient, some teachers went little further. Band Master kicked a fellow student, Mrs Renu…

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