Atheist Hermaphrodite

Two recent incidents have shaken my conscience, yet again. The more I think about them, the more agitated soul becomes. The brazenness with which the guilty are shielded emboldens future culprits. The habit of penning down my thoughts is compelling me to jot down few lines on the menace country is facing.

First episode is from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh where a 16 year old is raped by
a sitting lawmaker. The victim runs from pillar to post seeking action and
frustrated finally tries to end her life in front of Chief Minister’s residence.

Her plight doesn’t end there. The father of the girl is picked up by the goons
and is thrashed to death. The police, the hospital, the administration all this
while go into overdrive to hush up the whole issue. To add insult to the
injury the main accused appears in full media glare in the state capital
indicating his impunity. The state informs the court of insufficient evidence
to effect an arrest. However, central investigating agency CBI based on
same proof takes the person into custody. I wonder how long it will take
before he again walks free, out on bail intimidating many more. Then the
Great Indian Judicial Tamasha will touch start. It took 20 years for the
lowest rung to pronounce verdict on an animal poaching case involving a
superstar. The prosecution still has two more ladders to climb, before the
defendants could claim advanced age as the reason of not sending him
behind bars. Can such stunts be pulled off by commoners? Answer is
capital NO.

Turn your attention 30º West, 1000 KM – Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir. An
8 year old is abducted, sedated and gang raped repeatedly for over a
week. The little life is starved and strangulated to death. The perpetrators
ensure killing by stoning the dead child and then threw the body in jungle.
The local police nexus again plays an important role in hiding the crime.

How can politics remain aloof from it? So within no time religious angle
crops up and political opportunism come up for grabs. The investigators are prevented from filing charge sheet in the court by few Hindu advocates

while rest chooses to remain silent. The Muslim Chief Minister, who
otherwise is immune to atrocities committed by members of her own
community in the areas where they are in majority in the state, quickly
intervenes. A candle light march is organized in the national capital by
another political party. Thanks to the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’, it has
become fashionable to take a stroll on Rajpath holding a light. As planned
to take advantage of the scenario, situation takes altogether a different
turn. From the gang rape, torture and murder of a minor the narrative
changes to Hindu vs Muslim and Congress vs BJP. Some even suggested
that both advocates should be Sikhs to maintain neutrality. In the bargain,
sensitivity towards that small girl who went through a horror goes missing.

Two key takeaway motives of the fore mentioned ghastly acts –‘Dharam
aur Aurat’. I fail to locate the source of hatred in the former though its
affects are pretty common around us. Many fanatic relatives muse at the
fact of myself having worked in Kashmir for many years and “taking
Muslims head on”. Yes, for them “I fight Mussalmaans”! While everyone

has their share of bitter experiences with the other communities, still

sadism on the plight of an 8 year old is beyond my comprehension.

The picture is clearer on the damsel side. The Indians are infamous for

treating it’s womenfolk like cattle. The rural men milk them day in and out,
left to fend for themselves, often subjected to pitiable conditions and
inseminated to produce progeny of choice. Urban women are subjected to

discrimination of different kind and have false sense of liberalization. Few
concessions are thrown here and there which are later cleverly labeled as
women empowerment! Every infant is born with strengths and weaknesses.
During the course of life, Indian society cunningly bolsters up the strengths
of the male child and highlights the weaknesses of females thus causing
phenomenal imbalance. The degradation is very systematic. However as
an exception, Meghalya’s social culture is beautifully carved out on Matriarchal system. I have firsthand experience in observing it’s functionality during my stay there. Predominantly, the shops and
businesses are owned by smart, intelligent ladies and houses are taken
care of by gentlemen. The properties are passed on from mothers to
daughters. Post marriage the groom can come to stay at mother-in-law’s
place. The human development of this small hill state is better than rest of
India where patriarchal structure is followed. People don’t boo girls for

wearing short outfits and drinking of ladies is acceptable. The society is
polite, well mannered and decent.

It is not possible to change the North Indian fabric overnight given that the
male trumpet is blown since time immortal. There is an urgent need of a
start from both ends to meet at midway. Like the British had not handed
over the independence on a platter, Indian women need to struggle as their

counterparts are not going to yield even an inch without fight. Sustained
efforts over centuries may perhaps produce little results.

The human race in general and Indians in particular has destroyed two
beautiful creations – Feminism & Religion. Both have been reduced to the
point of being called a curse. There is hardly any hope of revival, definitely
not in our lifetime. The complex web woven around will kill any uprising or
revolution. The only satisfaction one can derive is by doing own bit. It was
long back when I decided not to tolerate any religious misadventure or be a
mute spectator of atrocities of any form. Many questions still remain

unanswered. But my wildest thoughts have provided me the solution. The
humanity would have immensely benefitted if the human race could have
evolved as an Atheist Hermaphrodite



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